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Dog Sled Tours

Information and pricing for Peace Pups dogsled adventures:

It's more than just a ride! Learn what is required to maintain a team of Siberian Huskies, what equipment is used and how we put it all together to move down the trail. Our guided tours are a great way to see the Vermont wilderness and learn all you ever wanted to know about dogsledding.

Come experience the beauty of winter in Lake Elmore Vermont via one of the oldest modes of winter transportation. Venture back to a time before the invention of the combustible engine; a time when a main form of winter wilderness travel was a team of Siberian Huskies. You will be amazed at the energy and excitement as our Siberians are harnessed to take you on your ride. If you have ever had any doubt about Siberians Huskies being born to run; a ride with one of our teams will demonstrate to you just how much they love it. Conveniently located twenty five minutes from Stowe and twenty five minutes from Montpelier with a second evening location right at Stowe Mountain Resort on the Mountain Road in Stowe. Join us for a ride in one of our custom hand built touring sleds behind an eight dog team of Siberian Huskies and see the Vermont winter in a whole new way.

Our day tours located at Lake Elmore are currently being run on a beautiful trail with access generously provided by Atlas Timberlands Partnership, a joint project of the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). We start out along Rt.12 near the north branch of the Winooski River and travel across rolling terrain which follows streams, old beaver ponds and wet lands with a mix of hardwood and softwood forest. We turn around at Little Elmore; a remote body of water south of Lake Elmore. This forest is host to a variety of animals including moose, bear and coyote to name a few. This is a true wilderness setting located at the north end of one of the areas largest undeveloped tracks of land.

When you arrive at our trail site you will meet our teams of Siberian Huskies and learn all you ever wanted to know about sled dogs and the activity of dogsledding. We will teach you about the equipment we use to work with the dogs and how the sleds function. Next we will seat you in one of our comfortable padded sleds and tuck you in with a warm sleeping bag. Once you are situated in the sled we will hook up a eight dog team and begin the run. These runs are over a five mile out and back trail and take anywhere from forty five minutes to an hour depending on the trail conditions. The harder packed the trail the faster the run. *Please allow a total of 2 hours for this outing.

This season we are offering guided snowshoe tours in addition to our dogsled outings. If you book a dogsled tour and want to participate in a snowshoe tour as well we offer a 10% discount on the snowshoe tour. Check our snowshoe page for more information: Snowshoe Tours

Sledding options! Do we have options! If you are interested in sitting back and enjoying the ride climb inside one of our hand crafted toboggan sleds with cozy warm sled bags and four inch padding, you'll be warm and comfortable as you glide along behind the dog team. If you want to be more active ask about taking a ride on our hand built tandem sled. This sled has two driving stations; one for myself and one for a passenger. You can get a feel for driving a sled with out the risk of loosing the team. This sled also has front space for one sitting passenger so two can go and take turns standing or sitting.

Mushing 101 Lesson on everything you need to know to start driving dogs on your own. Learn the ropes! How to harness the dogs, set up the sled, hook up a team; then drive the team yourself as you follow a guide along our back country trail. NOTE: this adventure requires booking a double time slot and must be run when no other tours are taking place so openings may be limited, please book well in advance. *Please allow four hours for this outing.

The trail runs over what was once Atlas Plywood land. It was purchased by VLT and TNC in 1997 and is managed for timber and protection of ecological attributes reflecting the shared missions of the two owner organizations. All lands owned by the Atlas Timberlands Partnership are open for pedestrian access as well as many trail arrangements. This exciting initiative demonstrates the vision and commitment of VLT and TNC to actively manage Vermont's private forest lands for sustained economic benefit, while protecting the biological resources and public uses. The project's success will help create a new model for other conservation organizations, the forest industry, and timber investors in the future. Compatible forest uses enable community residents to realize their shared aspirations for the benefit of families, the local and State economy, and a way of life as they protect natural resources. Most important, the Atlas Timberlands Partnership will help ensure that future generations of Vermonters inherit economically sustainable and ecologically healthy land.
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Our night tours start at the base of the toll road next to the Inn at the Mountain on the mountain road in Stowe. The professional trail groomers from the Mount Mansfield Touring Center maintain our tour trail at that location. This trail winds its way up the base of Mount Mansfield via a combination of back country ski trails and alpine trails. You will be astounded at the strength of our Siberians as they pull you up the mountain and equally amazed at their speed as we fly back down. In early winter these tours are mostly run in the dark. By March the 5:00 and 6:00 tours are in the daylight. There is nothing like riding with a team of dogs through the woods of Vermont under a brilliant winter starlit sky. Guaranteed to be a experience you won't soon forget! *Please allow 1 hour for this outing.

Stowe Mountain Sled Dogs

Wear appropriate clothing. Vermont winters can be very cold with temperatures sometimes staying below zero. Dress in layers; wear a good hat, boots and gloves or mittens. Goggles will help keep the snow out of your eyes. Bring your own if you have them but we also have a few on hand which you are welcome to borrow. Once on the sled you will be sitting inside one of our custom made sled bags on a four inch padded cushions and covered with a blanket. Most guests say they are quite warm inside the sleds but there is no substitute for dressing for the occasion. If you tend to have cold hands or feet we do have hand and foot warmers available.

This winters schedule: We will be running day time tours at Lake Elmore on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 10:00 am. 12:00 pm. and 2:00 pm and will have 3 sleds available per run this season. These tours are a total of 2 hours.

On Tuesday and Thursdays we will be running evening tours at Stowe Mountain Resort at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00. Please allow one hour for your visit.

Monday is a day off for the dogs.

We will have 3 sleds available per run this season.

We have a small kennel and only run three tours per day. To be assured a tour you should book well in advance. Same day bookings are sometimes available but we are often booked a month in advance.

Booking Stowe Mountain Resort night tours: Please call #802-253-3656 to reserve your Stowe tour. These tours have a 310 pound weight limit with any combination of passengers.
The night tour price is $170 per sled ($160 for guests at the resort). I can answer any questions you might have in regard to your tour but all night bookings are through the resort.

Booking Lake Elmore day tours: Please call #802-888-7733 or email me: ken@peacepupsdogsledding.com

Prices for day tours:

Toboggan or Tandem sled
$275.00 (+tax)
Mushing 101
$500.00 (+tax)

Additional Mushing 101 participants in same group

 $250.00 (+tax)

*Maximum passenger weight capacity per sled of 350 pounds. If you exceed the maximum weight capacity we can sometimes run a larger team depending on our schedule for that day. Please call to discuss.

* For gift certificates (day tours only) you may use this PayPal option for purchase or call me at 802-888-7733. Please send a mailing address if you would like me to send a certificate and a couple of Peace Pups stickers by mail.

*All tours require a credit card number or check deposit to secure your booking.
Tours are paid in full the day of your outing and may be paid by cash, credit card or check (listed in order of preference).

*Cancellations less than 14 days prior to your tour result in a 50% charge.

*A no show results in a 100% charge.
Please understand that we have a short season and a no show results in a significant financial loss for us.

*We may run with our tour carts if conditions are not conducive to sledding.


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