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Information and pricing on Peace Pups dogsled presentations:

We are available for dogsledding demonstrations at schools, parties or other gatherings. One option for schools is that I come with the dog truck; a group of my Siberian Huskies and sleds. I unload and introduce all of the dogs and they stay at the truck for petting. Our dogs are very friendly and love attention! If there are more than fifteen students they should be split into smaller groups so it is not over whelming for the dogs. I discuss the various northern breeds and their differences, care and feeding, training, sleds and sled construction, lines and harnesses, team positions, skijoring, command training, fitness training, and go over the different race and recreational options for mushers. I have human gang lines so students can form a human team and take turns pulling a musher of their choice around a small course at your school. It is not usually possible to provide rides for a group of more than six unless you have a good trail or come to our location but the sled pulling by students gives them a way to be active outside and see what it is like to work as a team as the dogs have to do. They learn that they have to watch out for the other team members, if one falls they all have to stop, they can only go as fast as the slowest person on the team. The dogs just love watching someone else do the work while they hang out and observe. I have a mobile digital slide show that I can bring if you have a location for an indoor presentation. I have done assembly presentations for audiences up to 250 students. Presentations run about an hour but can be customized to fit your specific needs or age groups. I prefer the outdoor meet and greet with the dog truck because all of the dogs can participate and it is a great opportunity to get the students to get outside for some fresh air.

Examples of some of our past presentations:

Morristown Elementary School; approximately 250 students. This was an indoor presentation including a digital slide show on dogsledding, sleds and two of our dogs for visual aids to the slide show.

Lamoille Union Middle School, approximately 250 students. This was an outdoor presentation in conjunction with their "Ikidarod" winter program. It included a discussion of the equipment, dogs and dog care followed by short rides on their groomed trails for the winners of the Ikidarod event.

Berlin Elementary School, grade levels from first to sixth one grade at a time. This was an outdoor presentation where I worked with the Lotus Lake Discovery Center. It included a talk on equipment, dogs and dog care as well as opportunity to meet all of our dogs and plenty of petting time. We followed this with a team building exercise where the children form teams to pull the dogsleds. This makes a great outdoor activity for locations that do not have space for a trail to run a dog team. This activity can be done with sleds in the winter or carts in the no snow months.

U32 Junior High, approximately 20 students. This was an outdoor presentation as part of their winter vacation program. It included a talk on dogsledding equipment, dogs and dog care followed by a dogsled demonstration run and ample dog petting opportunity.

Cambridge Elementary, Glover Elementary, Champlain Elementary and others, varying numbers of students. These were my standard presentation held outdoors and included a talk on dogsledding equipment, the dogs, dog care, various races and dog powered activities followed by opportunities to meet and pet the dogs. These require no snow and can be set up on any green space or clean parking area you have at your facility. I bring lots of dogs, several types of sleds and various lines and equipment for visual aids. My talk can be tailored to fit your students ages, making it shorter for young students or more in depth for older students.


School presentations are $100.00.

We offer special ride pricing for students of $10.00 each.

NOTE: The ride fee is in addition to the presentation fee and is a abbreviated ride. To provide rides at your location we must have a trail that is appropriate for sledding or carting.

If located more than fifty miles from Elmore I reserve the right to add a travel fee.

Ken at Lotus Lake

Ken at Berlin


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